Stardew Valley – a review in a paragrah

Come and experience another life in Stardew Valley’s Pilican Town, the place where each season is uniquely beautiful and has a song of its own. Work hard under the sun and thrive happily.

A marriage scene in Stardew Valley, a fun and lively role-play game from ConcernedApe available on various platforms

In this game, you retired from a 9 – 5 job to challenge your destiny as a farmer on a piece of land you inherited from your grandfather in Pelican Town, a blissful village in Stardew Valley. It’s another life there. You still have to work to earn a living, though by selling  your farm-grown products, sea and river fish, minerals, seasonal forage and crafted goods. Just like real life, you are not an island in this game. Relationships with the other villagers contribute to your success and can be built or destroyed. It’s addictive because each day brings adventures. It’s a coding masterpiece from ConcernedApe.

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Human country

We as human beings are living creatures. We eat, grow, reproduce and perish. And the essential component of a country is us, human beings.


Just like a country, a human body is composed of smaller living units: the cells. Different cells assemblies create different organs in the body. Nervous system synchronizes information, transfers commands and sensations, thus completes a human life. A life has its personality. A collection of personalities creates norms which divide sanity from insanity. In a body, a disruption in a nerve link can, according to ‘a norm’, break a certain barrier or banish a person from the sane world. Just as a computer virus or a couple of viral clips on the Internet, the modern nervous system, can do to a country nowadays.