499 pieces of joy – A jigsaw box review

This box from Gibsons’ jigsaw puzzle really contains a surprise.


The Octagon Garage by Kevin Walsh as a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons. Notice any missing piece?
It costed a few hours in an afternoon, a couple cups of coffee and an entertaining frustration to finish this jigsaw puzzle featuring ‘The Octagon Garage’, a vibrant and detailed painting by an English artist¬†Kevin Walsh¬†His works depicting scenes from the good old days are printed on a variety of media including jigsaw puzzles which I’m privileged to get my hands on a box from Gibsons. Completing this puzzle was like reading a plot-twisting book. It initially put your mind at peace and concentration only to stir everything up in a storm of frustration in the end. You guessed what happened, right? However, those 499 pieces from a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle box were very well made and snap together perfectly like charm. Oh, did I say perfect?… According to the warranty slip from Gibsons, this box could be considered a rare item!

NOTE: My online retailer agreed to make a generous offer by returning all the money I spent on the box. It’s impressive.