Beauty overlooked

Have you ever realized that you have been overlooking something beautiful beside you for a long, long time. Yes? Its subtlety may only allow you to admire the beauty just in time.

I drove pass this scenic landscape every week, I did not notice it until the day I took this picture. (photo is copyrighted: Kuruneko –

One winter morning in the beginning of 2016, I was on my way to a chemistry lab in which I conducted experiments to synthesize new materials. I was driving on a too familiar road that I travelled twice every week. That particular morning on that particular length of the road, I noticed something I did not know to exist on that route before. Something glowing on my left and once I saw the view, it beckoned me to pull the car over and take out my trusted Canon Rebel T5i to snap some pictures. It was a satisfying spontaneous photo session. The camera managed to capture golden sunbeams being scattered in light, fine morning mist. A run down shed in the foreground and faint silhouettes of trees on the background balances well.

It’s a pity now that there’s a big concrete building blocking this view from the road. I have been wondering why I have overlooked this beautiful view for a long time. However, it’s in time for me to catch its beauty.