The point of release – an opinion on archery in a paragraph

It seems easy enough but archery is its own world. To fire a short can be compared to living a life: it’s all about focusing and keeping balance.

An archer at full draw (Credit photo:

Archery deserves it’s well-established position in the world of modern sports. It may seem to be an easy practice for an uninitiated, it’s only the opposite. Archery is one of the most demanding sports which requires both physical and mental strength. To hit a target is common, however hitting a target at a desired spot demands a lot of practices. The better a marksman stabilizes his ┬ábody and emotions, the more chance he can hit the x mark in the middle of a target face. Out of experiences, I would give more weight to balancing one’s emotions. Shutting off from the outer world at the point of release is essential. When there comes a time to score, focus on your target and nothing else.