Free Kindle books by a search engine: Jungle Search – a partial website review

If you want to read this blog post, it MAY mean that I’m not the only one who used to wonder how to get a Kindle E-book for 0 $.

A screen capture from, a website featuring advanced search engine for specific items at the popular online shoppingmall:

I have definitely been missing some serious free help online. I just discovered the website ‘‘ a few days ago. This website makes searching on amazon for specific items within specific price ranges and discount offers a bliss. If you want to find a deal on sun glasses, for example, just go there and select the item category, fill in the form to specify %discount or your desired price range and click the button ‘search‘ and you’re done. The search engine opens a new windows with your amazon search results where you can browse to your heart’s content.

As for me, I like sampling books, old and new. Kindle is a great alternative for readers nowadays. There are a lot of unkown ‘free’ Kindle ebooks out there, both old and new and both on and off the public domain. Searching for free Kindle ebooks with is quick and easy. For example, I want to search for Kindle books about ‘bitcoins’. There are many paid books on the topic but it would be nice if I can start to study the topic with a free book first. I went to’s ‘Kindle’ tab and filled ‘bitcoin’ in the title section and 0$ to 0$ as the minimum and maximum price. I got 5 results. However, when I tried to be more specific and I determined that the ‘free book’ should include ‘Kindle Unlimited Eligible’, ‘Prime Eligible’, ‘Whisper Sync’ and ‘Word Wise’, I got only 1 result. In any case, all the books are ‘free’ as they are in their promotional period.

As far as I know, everything here is completely legal and is not limited to just ebooks. I hope this longer-than-a-paragraph post is helpful for your next amazon search.