Human country

We as human beings are living creatures. We eat, grow, reproduce and perish. And the essential component of a country is us, human beings.



Just like a country, a human body is composed of smaller living units: the cells. Different cells assemblies create different organs in the body. Nervous system synchronizes information, transfers commands and sensations, thus completes a human life. A life has its personality. A collection of personalities creates norms which divide sanity from insanity. In a body, a disruption in a nerve link can, according to ‘a norm’, break a certain barrier or banish a person from the sane world. Just as a computer virus or a couple of viral clips on the Internet, the modern nervous system, can do to a country nowadays.

A seven-line’s worth of text

How much can a paragraph of about 7 lines fill your imagination? How complete an idea or an experience this amount of text can convey?


As a non-native English speaker, I think a paragraph of about 7 lines is concise enough to conveniently develop one’s writing style.

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