A seven-line’s worth of text

How much can a paragraph of about 7 lines fill your imagination? How complete an idea or an experience this amount of text can convey?



As a non-native English speaker, I think a paragraph of about 7 lines is concise enough to conveniently develop one’s writing style.

It’s an exciting and challenging task, from my perspective, to transform the world and experiences into a seven-line’s worth of strings of words apiece. Senses, sounds, smells, colors, opinions and feelings; how completely can these infinite concepts be described in a paragraph? To clearly and concisely convey the exotic smell and taste of durian, the excitement and ideas from certain computer games, the feeling of cool breeze and nature’s fragrances from a hidden paradise and, of course, a complete book review in seven lines is a worthwhile undertaking.

Author: sevenlinerblog

A scientist who loves photography, reading, travelling and playing computer games.

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