Free Kindle books by a search engine: Jungle Search – a partial website review

If you want to read this blog post, it MAY mean that I’m not the only one who used to wonder how to get a Kindle E-book for 0 $.

A screen capture from, a website featuring advanced search engine for specific items at the popular online shoppingmall:

I have definitely been missing some serious free help online. I just discovered the website ‘‘ a few days ago. This website makes searching on amazon for specific items within specific price ranges and discount offers a bliss. If you want to find a deal on sun glasses, for example, just go there and select the item category, fill in the form to specify %discount or your desired price range and click the button ‘search‘ and you’re done. The search engine opens a new windows with your amazon search results where you can browse to your heart’s content.

As for me, I like sampling books, old and new. Kindle is a great alternative for readers nowadays. There are a lot of unkown ‘free’ Kindle ebooks out there, both old and new and both on and off the public domain. Searching for free Kindle ebooks with is quick and easy. For example, I want to search for Kindle books about ‘bitcoins’. There are many paid books on the topic but it would be nice if I can start to study the topic with a free book first. I went to’s ‘Kindle’ tab and filled ‘bitcoin’ in the title section and 0$ to 0$ as the minimum and maximum price. I got 5 results. However, when I tried to be more specific and I determined that the ‘free book’ should include ‘Kindle Unlimited Eligible’, ‘Prime Eligible’, ‘Whisper Sync’ and ‘Word Wise’, I got only 1 result. In any case, all the books are ‘free’ as they are in their promotional period.

As far as I know, everything here is completely legal and is not limited to just ebooks. I hope this longer-than-a-paragraph post is helpful for your next amazon search.

Beauty overlooked

Have you ever realized that you have been overlooking something beautiful beside you for a long, long time. Yes? Its subtlety may only allow you to admire the beauty just in time.

I drove pass this scenic landscape every week, I did not notice it until the day I took this picture. (photo is copyrighted: Kuruneko –

One winter morning in the beginning of 2016, I was on my way to a chemistry lab in which I conducted experiments to synthesize new materials. I was driving on a too familiar road that I travelled twice every week. That particular morning on that particular length of the road, I noticed something I did not know to exist on that route before. Something glowing on my left and once I saw the view, it beckoned me to pull the car over and take out my trusted Canon Rebel T5i to snap some pictures. It was a satisfying spontaneous photo session. The camera managed to capture golden sunbeams being scattered in light, fine morning mist. A run down shed in the foreground and faint silhouettes of trees on the background balances well.

It’s a pity now that there’s a big concrete building blocking this view from the road. I have been wondering why I have overlooked this beautiful view for a long time. However, it’s in time for me to catch its beauty.

The point of release – an opinion on archery in a paragraph

It seems easy enough but archery is its own world. To fire a short can be compared to living a life: it’s all about focusing and keeping balance.

An archer at full draw (Credit photo:

Archery deserves it’s well-established position in the world of modern sports. It may seem to be an easy practice for an uninitiated, it’s only the opposite. Archery is one of the most demanding sports which requires both physical and mental strength. To hit a target is common, however hitting a target at a desired spot demands a lot of practices. The better a marksman stabilizes his  body and emotions, the more chance he can hit the x mark in the middle of a target face. Out of experiences, I would give more weight to balancing one’s emotions. Shutting off from the outer world at the point of release is essential. When there comes a time to score, focus on your target and nothing else.

499 pieces of joy – A jigsaw box review

This box from Gibsons’ jigsaw puzzle really contains a surprise.

The Octagon Garage by Kevin Walsh as a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons. Notice any missing piece?
It costed a few hours in an afternoon, a couple cups of coffee and an entertaining frustration to finish this jigsaw puzzle featuring ‘The Octagon Garage’, a vibrant and detailed painting by an English artist Kevin Walsh His works depicting scenes from the good old days are printed on a variety of media including jigsaw puzzles which I’m privileged to get my hands on a box from Gibsons. Completing this puzzle was like reading a plot-twisting book. It initially put your mind at peace and concentration only to stir everything up in a storm of frustration in the end. You guessed what happened, right? However, those 499 pieces from a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle box were very well made and snap together perfectly like charm. Oh, did I say perfect?… According to the warranty slip from Gibsons, this box could be considered a rare item!

NOTE: My online retailer agreed to make a generous offer by returning all the money I spent on the box. It’s impressive.

It’s okay to visit this place

Even though the country’s development is being slowed down in almost every aspect, visiting the land is still much a pleasure as confirmed by an interview with a stranger on a train.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, one of Thailand’s popular tourist destinations (Photo credit:

It’s the beginning of May and the day’s hot and humid. Noon just passed as I embarked on a long train journey from Bangkok to the rural north of Thailand, the so-called land of smile. On the train, an attractive young, carefree-looking German lady which, after self introductions, became my interviewee reasoned that travelling to Thailand was a pleasure. “There’s a variety of delicious foods, travel expenses are cheap, people are friendly and it’s relatively safe compared to its neighbors”. As a person who spends most of the time in Thailand, I find blessings in those comments. At least, the tourism industry is still not plagued by the disease of political turmoil.

After 6 hours and 490 kilometers on the tracks, I said goodbye to the train as it departed for the next station, slowly crawled its way further north in loud clanking noises. The scene must be more than familiar to those who live along the tracks as the train has done the exact same thing, travelling with more or less the same speed and producing the same sounds for more than 3 decades.

Mount dream

Where’s the place that sparks your childhood imaginations and ever calls you to visit your whole life?
Where’s the place in a far-away land you need to go to before you leave this earth for good? A mountaintop, perhaps?

「富士山に一度も登らぬバカ、二度登るバカ 」

“A wise man will climb Mt Fuji once; a fool will climb it twice” – Japanese proverb

Descending to the mortal world,  (Photo credit:

It’s been just 3 years but it seems like forever. From the day I left the summit of Mt. Fuji, my ‘foolish’ adventurous spirit promised that I would somehow visit that place again in this life. After a bus trip from Tokyo to the so-called ‘5th station’, it’s walking all the way to the top. Beautiful, unearthly scenes unfolded before my eyes along the way up.  It’s the place that fueled the fire of my childhood imaginations and actually climbing it felt like climbing Mount Dream. After a cold and violent storm, watching sunrise at the summit was like catching a glimpse of realms beyond that of human beings.

Stardew Valley – a review in a paragrah

Come and experience another life in Stardew Valley’s Pilican Town, the place where each season is uniquely beautiful and has a song of its own. Work hard under the sun and thrive happily.

A marriage scene in Stardew Valley, a fun and lively role-play game from ConcernedApe available on various platforms

In this game, you retired from a 9 – 5 job to challenge your destiny as a farmer on a piece of land you inherited from your grandfather in Pelican Town, a blissful village in Stardew Valley. It’s another life there. You still have to work to earn a living, though by selling  your farm-grown products, sea and river fish, minerals, seasonal forage and crafted goods. Just like real life, you are not an island in this game. Relationships with the other villagers contribute to your success and can be built or destroyed. It’s addictive because each day brings adventures. It’s a coding masterpiece from ConcernedApe.

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